About Us

My name is Julie & welcome to Replan Living….the home of transformations in holistic health, wellbeing, fitness & mindfulness. Whether you are looking to focus on one specific area of your life or require a more tailored approach, I bring to you decades of experience in many fields, all of which lead me to create this platform, an eclectic mix of holistic wellbeing, nutrition, fitness, mindset work, trauma release therapy & more.

Why Choose Us

I connect with you from my heart

It’s fair to say I’m not your average, run of the mill individual. Boxing me into a role or stereotype doesn’t do it for me…I broke that mould when I entered this world! I have the knowledge and skills to lead you to optimum health & wellbeing by creating a completely personalised & structured program which will include all aspects of nutrition, fitness, wellbeing & lifestyle unique to your needs & requirements.

I want to be clear from the start

If you’re looking for the fabled ‘magic pill’, ‘quick fix’ or vanilla, hand-holding people pleaser who consistently validates you & does the work for you, then I’ll bid you farewell as you won’t get that here with me. Instead, I’ll share with you how to awaken your inner magic, guiding you to become your greatest version.

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