Corporate Wellbeing

“If You Take Care Of Your Employees They Will Take Care Of Your Customers And Your Business Will Take Care Of Itself”

– JW Marriott

The physical & emotional wellbeing of everyone matters.


Replan Living can offer lifestyle & wellness support for companies based on location.

Depending on your requirements & location, these services can be offered as either an online & in-person event option,  providing a great way to connect team members and offer insightful tips and information towards health and wellbeing.

There are a wide variety of options available and events can be designed to fit around working schedules and meetings

Please email for more details

Assess Micro

A quick 20 minute health check for staff, providing immediate results for key health markers:

Cost – £45 per person (in person only)
Minimum booking: 15 per day

Included in this package:

  • Space for 15 individuals per corporate day session booked. Included in each introductory 20 minute session:
  • Pinprick instant blood glucose level test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Height & weight
  • Results emailed to each client along with lifestyle suggestions to improve wellness

RE:Assess 180

A more detailed insight into the health & wellbeing of your staff, providing 6 month support package

⁃ space for 3 individuals for each corporate 180 session booked.

This is a 6 session package, booked & committing to an ongoing 6 month period

Session 1 is completed questionnaire brought to the initial session where bloods are taken and sent away for analysis with 45 minutes of additional case taking history completed

Session 2 is 45 minute feedback of the blood results (4 weeks later) along with an introductory 16 week lifestyle, nutrition & supplement support plan (emailed within 72 hours of session completion)

Sessions 3 – 6 are every 4 weeks for a further 4 follow ups to check progress with plans issued each month.

Cost includes introductory blood test panel.

Cost – £1,495 per person
Maximum 3 staff booked per Re:Assess 180 Day scheduled

Included in this package:

  • nutrition, fluid & lifestyle support
  • meal planning & suggestions
  • mindfulness, meditation & wellbeing guidance
  • supplement & nutrient plan
  • 6 month fitness & training plans


MENTAL HEALTH & STRESS MANAGEMENT DAYS This is a corporate day NOT to be missed by anyone on the work rota!

Being chronically stressed has a massive detrimental effect on an individual’s health, wellbeing, mental state and capacity to work. It is important to recognise the signs & symp-toms of stress and burnout, putting into place tools to manage these more effectively.

Replan Living has put together RE:Mind

Your mental health matters. The mental health of your loved ones and the people you surround yourself with matters too!

Offering a full day of mindset support with a variety of tips, strategies and go-to’s which are easily implemented into work days and personal time to help support you and your loved ones when life becomes hectic and it all feels a bit much….

25 people per online/in person session

Cost – £4,500 per day = £180 per person per day
Booking requires minimum of 18 people to attend

Included in the day:

  • Recognising the signs & symptoms of stress & burnout
  • tech tips & how to manage screen time safely & effectively
  • power down sessions
  • breath work session with deep breathing toolkit
  • how to journal
  • meditation session with downloadable sessions to use at work and at home
  • 30 minute Yoga/stretch/Pilates session
  • grounding: what it is, the benefits and how to do it effectively
  • understanding the benefits of cold water therapy
  • Move! Exercise, dance, release!
  • how to stay switched off when you switch off
  • alternative ways to entertain yourself at the end of each work day