Emotional Release

In case you weren’t already aware, the mind & body are indeed connected! These are one and no one area overrules the other, even though it may not feel like that. The entire body has the ability to generate emotional charges that should naturally resolve as soon as they occur. However, this doesn’t always happen & instead these charges are often stored within our bodies.

You Are In Control Of Every Single Aspect Of Your Life

    We have the innate ability to heal our ‘self’ & restore balance in those dysfunctional areas of our body
    Let go of suffering
    Let go of being unhappy, angry, resentful, mad….

    Understanding The Language of The Body

    We are so much more than just body & mind. A symphony of intricate coding & information lies within each & every one of us; being able to fully understand this music is essential in moving forward.

    Everything we experience in our lives, good, bad or otherwise IS STORED IN THE BODY

    Everything in our lives we weren’t able to or couldn’t process emotionally at the time IS STORED IN THE BODY

    Our cells, tissues, organs, skin, muscle & fascia are all part or our story, assisting & storing the emotional processing

    Let Me Ask You A Question……

    What life do you want to live?
    How do you want to show up in the world?
    What do you want to change within yourself?
    Do you want to stay stuck & feel helpless all the time?
    Do you really want to hold on to the suffering any longer?
    Do you want to spend your life continually numbing out with food, alcohol, TV, social media, sex, drugs, shopping, etc?


      During each session I connect with you as the unique person you are. I sense in the body where energy is blocked & where it flows freely. I join the dots & connect the personal puzzle pieces with a mix of pressure point activation, breath work & vocal cues, allowing the body to open safely & begin the journey of energy constriction release via organs & body parts.

      I gently guide you through each session finding a rhythm that is best suited to assist you in processing the stored trauma, which may include PTSD, birth & complex traumas. The goal here is to integrate releases.

      Your body is a temple & its time to create this existence, right here, right now
      Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

      A life that is meaningful AND peaceful?

      For yourself & others?

      Have pleasurable human experiences from now on?

      Be of service to yourself & others in the world?

      Living an abundant & full life?

      Letting go of old stories, past pain & hurt?

      Open The Doors To A New Way Of Living

        I listen to the stories your body tells me – I see YOU, the real you, your many parts, your habits, patterns & more – the deepest part of your humanity that longs to shine through. Your body plays a symphony – I listen intently, guiding you to open the door to new ways of living, free from dysregulation.


          Precisely identifying the root cause of presenting symptoms enables me to create a safe space for you, gently guiding with specialised breathing techniques & voice prompts, allowing you to fully & freely express your ‘self’. In doing so, we begin the release of past emotional wounding, awakening your inner power & true self that’s always been present, just never been given the opportunity to shine brightly…..until now

          BOOK A SESSION

            I welcome you to:

            • tap into your inner joy
            • release trapped energies around past trauma
            • free yourself from the past
            • release your doubts & fears
            • release the burdens placed on you by others
            • awaken your ‘self’ & become conscious
            • begin your journey towards your destiny
            • discover your untapped & unlimited potential
            • become unstuck
            • welcome positive change
            • welcome personal growth
            • tap into your inner happiness
            I warmly invite you to connect with me for Neo Emotional Release sessions. These sessions can be held in-person & also online, meaning I can connect with you anywhere in the world. Book now at a discounted rate – I am currently offering £100 OFF my normal N.E.R sessions for a limited period only, allowing you to experience this amazing modality & everything it can offer to you.

            N.E.R sessions have been shown to help with:

            • headaches & migraines
            • chronic pain
            • gynaecological pain
            • self sabotage
            • phobias & fears
            • body pain
            • digestive issues
            • anxiety & pain
            • sleep issues & insomnia
            • low mood & depression
            • stuckedness

            I hold space for 5 people each week

              1 session £169 (normally £269 – save £100)

              5 sessions £777 (normally £1,345 – save £568)

              10 sessions £1,555 (normally £2,690 – save £1,135)