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Functional Testing CHANGE FONT 

Replan Living uses functional testing to investigate and determine underlying and contributing causes of health imbalances and health conditions. Functional tests are laboratory tests that address the functions of the various systems of the body. They are designed to determine what metabolic and biochemical imbalances exist that could determine the potential for health as well as for possible health conditions.
Testing can cover areas including BOLD FROM -> liver detoxification pathways, heavy metals and toxin overload, adrenal health, red blood cell health, reproductive hormone health, digestive health, vitamin and mineral status, presence of pathogens, absorption of nutrients, thyroid health, immune health, and much more. TO HERE
Tests are designed to test for functionality, not pathology and are therefore not diagnostic. The tests are used to determine what can be supported nutritionally and what imbalances are present upon which to develop customised nutrition and lifestyle programs.
Functional tests use saliva, urine, stool and blood to provide the information to improve health status.


1. To evaluate function vs. pathology
2. Test to see how the body is functioning from a more optimal perspective
3. Tests for the underlying root of the health issue or underlying imbalances that keep a person experiencing symptoms that are not resolving.
4. Enables the bespoke creation of a nutrition and lifestyle program that optimises health potential.
5. Highlights metabolic cycles before they become problematic
6. Allows the Nutritional Therapy practitioner to identify more objectively what is contributing to health imbalances.
7. The testing may provide a sense of relief for the person who has been told that there is
nothing wrong with them, even if they are experiencing symptoms.

Private Blood Testing CHANGE FONT

Blood testing, primarily serum testing, is a valuable tool for determining heart health, thyroid health, immune status, inflammation, blood sugar management, food allergies and sensitivities, iron status, blood health and nutrient absorption. There are scientifically determined functional or optimum health ranges that guide us in choosing diets, lifestyle and nutritional support. The serum readings may be outside of the optimum health ranges, but still within the medical ranges. When they are outside of the optimum health ranges, then a functional imbalance is present. True prevention of further health issues can occur if changes can be made that impact healthy shifts of function to a more optimum reading. Replan Living provides a comprehensive functional analysis of standard blood chemistry panels.
Our goal is to assess for any nutritional imbalances so that we can personalise your nutrition program to move you towards optimal health.
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Salivary Testing CHANGE FONT

Saliva is particularly effective for testing the status of adrenal and reproductive hormones. Saliva contains the free fraction state of adrenal and reproductive hormones which reflect the tissue levels of these hormones. Testing these hormones in blood only reflects what is only bound up in a protein carrier the blood. In order for the cells to receive the action of the hormones, the protein carrier is released and the hormones are then “freed” to act upon the hormone receptors on the cells. Saliva reflects what the tissues are actually receiving.
Replan Living can assess salivary samples to assess adrenal & reproductive health.
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Gastrointestinal Health FONT

The primary stool test is for digestive health. The laboratory looks for the amount and types of healthy bacteria, absorption of nutrients and the presence of pathogens, parasites & ova. Replan Living can assess stool samples to assist in creating optimal gastrointestinal health.
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Urinalysis FONT

Urine is a good medium for testing various hormones and their metabolites. The metabolites are evident if there are blockages in the hormone pathways of detoxification, break down and excretion. Urine, also, is a good medium for discovering the metabolites that reflect nutrient imbalances and deficiencies such as the B vitamins, CoQ10, minerals, amino acids and more. Replan Living offers urinalysis services including DUTCH & OAT testing.
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Food Sensitivity Testing CHANGE FONT

These are specialised blood tests to identify delayed food reactions that are hard to determine from conventional allergy testing. When food sensitivities are present there could be a multitude of symptoms that are not usually recognised as being caused by food reactions – depression, anxiety, ADD, skin eruptions and rashes, headaches, sinus issues, unresolved digestive issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory conditions. Replan Living offers detailed food sensitivity testing as a service.
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Phlebotomy (from £60) CHANGE FONT 

I offer private blood draw services in the comfort of your own home or work place, whatever is easiest for you. 

Service includes:
– blood draw
– supply of equipment
– disposal of used equipment
– labelling & detailing of laboratory paperwork
Centrifuge service is additional £12
*Please note – this fee is inclusive of 40 mile round trip of Glasgow City (20 miles to location & return) If you are out with this distance, please indicate you location to calculate travel costs PLEASE MAKE THIS SECTION BOLD AND ADD A BOOK BLOOD DRAW button 

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