“If You Do Not Make Time For Your Wellness, You Will Be Forced To Make Time For Your
Illness” – Thomas Fuller

Why wait any longer? It’s Time For You To Thrive…

Introducing Re:Define Your Life

We are all unique! We all have our own individual physiological, neurological and metabolic requirements that will vastly differ from each person. Creating bespoke services does just this, taking into account each person and the requirements that they have based on nutritional, lifestyle & holistic methods to name a few.
Re:Define Your Life meets you personally where you are, taking into consideration your current health & lifestyle. I personally design health & wellbeing on a completely holistic level – no stone is left unturned, ensuring you can achieve optimal, long-lasting results with minimal overwhelm and guided support throughout.
I look at you, I consider you and I share with you my knowledge to take you from your starting point towards the chosen health & life path you desire.

– detailed health history questionnaire (2 hours)
– initial functional panels gathered, including blood testing, stool analysis, DUTCH testing & OAT testing
– feedback consultation of initial findings from the functional testing (60-90 minutes)
– outline of Bespoke holistic plan, based on test findings (minimum 180 days)
– implementation of the initial stage with an approximate timeline
– full communication & monitoring throughout the entire process of the plan
– weekly contact via email (2-3 emails weekly)
– monthly connection calls (45 minutes) to assess & adjust as required x 6 minimum
– monthly supplementation guidance & support
– monthly nutrition & fluids guide & meal suggestions
– mindfulness support
– breath work support
– movement support & training guides
– sleep support guide
– support implementing & maintaining lasting neurobehavioral rewiring & habit changes
– re-testing of functional panels after 6 & 12 month periods
Price On Application – please Book a Call to discuss your Re:Define You package

Please note: Amazing doesn’t happen with the clap of hands, a magic pill, or an overnight

Bespoke packages are a commitment of a minimum of 6 months duration and includes full lifestyle assessments, functional testing, mindset work, trauma release therapy and more to align you towards greatness.

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