Hello & Welcome…

I am Julie 


I have worked in numerous roles for over 25 years, having had a very wide & varied career during this time, including promotional sales roles, business & retail sales management & development training within the cosmetics industry, beauty & massage therapies, fitness & personal training, health, wellbeing & life coaching, as well as running my own pole fitness franchise throughout Scotland, employing 16 women and training thousands of individuals over the years in fitness & nutrition.

I don’t box my skillsets into one area (a bit like myself!) and my passions lie across many areas which resulted in me creating Replan Living, a hybrid of lifestyle, health, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition & mindfulness, allowing for an encompassed approach to for an optimal living.I returned to many classroom settings over the last 10 years to update my knowledge and completed a range of additional bespoke training which I now offer in a range of services to clients on a global scale.

I am also a wife & mum to 2 amazing kids aged 9 & 5 who keep me on my toes & challenge me to be better every day. 



 My vision is simple

– to support & provide beneficial knowledge to people globally who are struggling with their health, wellbeing, mental health, fitness & mindset
– for this to be accessible to everyone who wants to learn and improve their lives
– fun, friendly & engaging
– easy to implement

Honesty & integrity is up front and centre when you work with me – my desire is to see you succeed and have long lasting transformational growth and change.

Whatever area of your life you need some guidance with you have come to the right place; I support and guide individuals towards new & balanced lifestyle changes, health & fitness, mental wellbeing, nutrition and more.

It’s possible you are looking to go in a completely different direction in life and you’re not sure where to start.




My purpose in life is to:

  • help people get out of their own way and become their ultimate best selves!
  • encourage transformational shifts with mindset & belief patterns
  • rediscover & optimise health
  • re-evaluate & optimise nutrition
  • reawaken & optimise fitness
  • guide clients to go after & meet their dreams, goals & aspirations with RESULTS!

Life is not fixed and I don’t believe you should be either!
Life is to be lived & enjoyed through as many experiences as possible!
Replan Living is designed to challenge you to slide past the perceived boundaries put in place to keep you safe and comfy. This isn’t an overnight or 28-day quick fix – continued commitment is required to get you to the desired results on your new journey!

My Background


I hold qualifications & training certifications in the following areas:

• Nutritional Therapy 
• Phlebotomy & Centrifuge Training
• Life Coaching
• Personal Training
*Exercise To Music
• Diabetes In Healthcare
• Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
• Medicinal Cannabis
• Nutrigenomics
• Noakes Qualified Low Carb & Ketogenic Educator
• Mental Health Support Training
* Pre & Postnatal Fitness & Nutrition Accredited Training Provider
* Meditation 

• Prepare Plan & Deliver Training
• Level 3 Food Safety Preparation
• Understanding Oestrogen Detoxification
• Understanding Menopause
• OAT Testing
• DUTCH Testing


Replan Living Offers….CHANGE FONT & BACKGROUND.


Bespoke Packages CHANGE FONT

You are unique! Let’s tailor-make the most amazing personalized packages for your success in health & life


Online Courses, E-Books & Packages CHANGE FONT

Ideal for those who are starting out & would prefer self led content at this moment


Complimentary Content

This page is full of helpful guides, cheat sheets & pointers that you can use to help start you on your journey to optimal living. 

I fully encourage passing the content to friends & family to start their health journey!


Questions? Reach Out To Replan Below CHANGE FONT